The best markets in cuzco

Cuzco is full of shopping places. If you want to get good prices and/or good quality, here’s a list of the best markets in Cuzco that you should definitely include in your to-do-list.

1. San Pedro market

the best markets in Cuzco

The San Pedro market is one of the most important markets in Cuzco. Very close to the Plaza de Armas, this place is a real paradise for the locals and the tourists.

People from Cuzco go there when they need to go shopping. They will find everything they want (meat, fruits, flowers…)

This market is an interesting experience for the tourists. Even if they might be shocked to see that the meat isn’t stored in a cool and dry place, it will be a way to get to know better the Peruvian culture.

This market is also one of the best markets in Cuzco to try the local dishes (ceviche, mazamora…) and the local drinks (pisco sour, mate de coca…). Among the weirdest things you could find there, there is the soup served with a jawbone in it or the roasted and ready-to-eat guinea pigs. Here’s a list of the 15 weirdest things you could find there. 

2. Centro de textiles tradicionales del Cuzco

best markets cuzco

The “Centro de textiles tradicionales del Cuzco” is also another place that has to be part of your to-do-list when you visit Cuzco. In this market, the clothes are more expensive than in any other places in Cuzco but they are made by the Peruvians themselves. The quality is better and most of your money will go to the women who work for days on individual pieces.

If you want to get traditional clothes or just some souvenirs for your family and friends bqck home, this place is one the best markets in Cuzco to do it.

Inside, there is also a museum that shows how the textiles are made.

3. Pisac market

markets cuzco

Only one hour away from Cusco by bus, the Pisac market could be a good idea for a day-trip. Buses from Cusco to Pisac leave every 15-30 minutes and cost only 3 soles. Sunday is the best day to go there. During the week, the market is smaller.

This market is one of the best in the Cuzco area to buy souvenirs and local products for your family and of course for yourself. There is everything you can imagine : belts, hats, tablecloth, purses, clothes. For lunch, there are a couple of good restaurants close to the market.

If you bought the “bolleto turistico”, just so you know, the pisac ruins are part of it. It takes about 1.5 hours to walk up there. If you don’t feel like hiking up, there are plenty of taxis that will drive you for about 20 soles. Then, you can walk down and enjoy the amazing views.


  1. 15 April, 2014

    Thanks for including my market post! I wish I’d made it to the textile market but I loved the other two. I guess I need to come back to Peru :)

  2. Thomas
    15 April, 2014

    You’re welcome! Indeed the textile market is really nice :)


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